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The daily struggles of urban living as a quadriplegic explained one by one. It's so much more than not being able to find a parking space.

99 Problems — — #3 Los Angeles Sidewalks Are Cracked Out

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The sidewalks of Los Angeles are brutal, and not just for someone who is a wheelchair user. Joggers, skateboarders, bike riders, the elderly, those who push shopping carts up and down the streets—-I think everyone would agree the side walks of Los Angeles need some TLC. I personally have destroyed a new pair of thick, no rip, no tear Styrofoam tires in one year, which means one of two things. I need to see if I can use my dilapidated tires as a tax write off. Or I need to start a sidewalk campaign initiative to raise money for new, smooth, satin sidewalks and then call it, SAY NO TO CRACKS.

Here’s a few examples of what I’m talking about:
Cracked Sidewalks







1.  Found in Los Feliz, a frustrated tree successfully protesting. “Until I live in the manicured lawn of the Griffith Observatory I will continue to uproot and fuck up all sidewalks.”

Cracked Sidewalks






2. On the way to The Greek I found Where the Sidewalk ends, like literally. Only mother nature can answer what happened here, and think we can all agree it was… an unusual spotting of Big Foot.


Cracked Sidewalks








3. Sure this tweaked sidewalk could mirror a LACMA Outdoor Installation. It even looks pretty, means well, and has no function.


Cracked Sidewalks






4. Just like Runyon Canyon–the Los Angeles city sky line can been seen from the top.





Cracked Sidewalks





5. The Tar Pits — downtown Los Angeles style.


Cracked Sidewalks






6. Rubble from what once was.


Cracked Sidewalks





7. People sit here and take bets all day — stubbed toe or broken ankle?










8. And then there is Silver Lake, which is an entirely different problem altogether.



What have you found on your city sidewalks? Share, it feels warm and fuzzy.


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  1. Jana-

    The sidewalks in LA are certainly an issue- for you and so many others. I found this website after I read your post, maybe you can post your photos? You can search LA Sidewalks to find the map posted by the LA times.

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