About waringis.com

jana-headshot-smallWaringis.com is a blog that was started in May of 2007 by Jana Waring Helms. Originally, the blog started as an interviewing web site for the City of Orlando and its people. The idea stemmed from Jana’s love of interviewing, something she fell in love with during her three-year stint as managing editor of Wakeboarding magazine (now known as Transworld Wakeboard). Upon her decision to go back to school and leave behind the extreme sport reporting, the site became a way for Jana to exercise her creative freedom through the stories of people in her community. It also became a way for her to practice the craft of writing while continuing her newfound love of interviewing.

The rest of the family: Zola, Riley and Cory.

In May 2012, Jana moved to Los Angeles with her then boyfriend now husband Cory, St. Bernard Riley and Manx cat, Zola. The cross-country move prompted a blog re-design and new focus now that Jana no longer lived in the comfort of her hometown. Waringis.com has now become a blog dedicated to her new life and love of big-city living, funny problems and ernest stories about her C5-6 quadriplegic injury. Welcome to the mess that is better known as: Life and Love In Downtown Los Angeles. Feel free to like, share, tweet and spread the good word accordingly. Please and thank you.

Random facts to make you feel qualified to wildly promote Jana’s web site:

FACT: Jana is in a wheelchair and has been ever since November 16, 1998.  There is a hidden interview with her on the site that explains the rest. Can you find it?

FACT: Jana became engaged to Cory Helms at Brooklyn Bridge Park on July 28, 2012.

FACT:The name waringis stems from an old AOL email address a close friend created for Jana during a time she had no other email. At the time, Waring was Jana’s last name and adding the “is” seemed very clever (or lazy) for an email address. In contemplating naming the blog years later, another close friend suggested using her email name “waringis” because in her words, “it’s you and the ‘is’ represents what you’re doing.” Sadly, the aol email became extinct sometime in 2008.

FACT: At thirteen years of age, Jana “The Warrior” Waring was on the American Gladiators-esque Nickelodeon game show called GUTS. Her perfect score on the particular episode awarded her the chance to participate and win GUTS ALL-STARS later that season (still seen on youtube here). And for those who write in and inquire about the Agro Crag: Yes, it still glows (but only when plugged in).

FACT: Jana married Cory Helms at the ACE Hotel in Palm Springs, California on May 2, 2013.

FACT: Jana tried yoga for the first time on July 26, 2013.