This page is dedicated to those who live in my hometown Orlando, Florida.
It's a wonderful place, with wonderful people. Just take a read for yourself.

Patrick Kahn

It’s no secret. Hosting an art event in this city can be difficult. Time and time again, I’ve watched a lot of great people, put on a great event, only to have a minimal, albeit very supportive, audience show up. It’s unfortunate. I don’t know any other city that struggles with this issue as severely […]

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I first met Skip four years ago, right around the same time I fired up this blog. I wanted something tangible to remind myself of my new commitment to creativity. So I was on a mission to find something cheap to slap my logo on. Buttons, you know, the little round pins that served as trophies from intoxicated nights downtown, were the trend at the time, at least they were something I had started collecting without much effort…

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Ansley Fletcher Schrimsher

A soon as I entered, Sultre, a boutique in Winter Park that hosted one of Dora Mae’s trunk shows, I spotted a necklace piece that I needed. This rarely happens to me in regards to jewelry. What I tend to need is digital watches and over-priced sunglasses. I’m not like most women—I don’t wear much jewelry.

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Lisa Pirillo

“You should come into the salon one day and just listen to my clients talk,” Lisa says to me. “You wouldn’t believe the stories you’d hear.” She’s cutting my hair. “I bet,” I reply. “No really. We could just sit you in the corner with your recorder, and you’d be able to write a book […]

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Lucky Meisenheimer

Someone told me to interview Lucky. Within a few days of learning his name, two other people brought him up in conversation. That’s how I knew it was time to track this guy down and introduce myself. Thanks to a fellow Facebooker who suggested we be friends, he was easy to find. What was more […]

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DJ Kittybat

I don’t know if I was ever formally introduced to Mikey. We just happened to be at the same places, at the same time, enough times, that we became aware of each other. Then one day we were no longer strangers, but hugging friends, and all this happened without any real conversation, just the informal talk that …

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Lisa Joy

I usually prepare for interviews. Granted it’s not very much work because the people I interview generally aren’t people that are interviewed. Or in other words, they’re not celebrities that have much content on the web but more of what Arrested Development sang about in the nineties. They’re your “everyday people.” Still, I’ll Google a […]

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Melissa Rajsky

I don’t know that I have a sense of style, which may be a style in itself. I’m not sure. I often don’t match. I wear white when I shouldn’t. I wear black mostly. I wear stripes on stripes, and at all different sizes. Ultimately, my goal is comfort. The result is sometimes I look […]

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Dan Kirby

“How did you hear about me?” I asked. He didn’t remember exactly. This interview was unique in that Dan sought me out for the opportunity.

“I think that I was googling creative projects in Orlando,” he answered, hesitantly. “But I’m not sure.”

I was intrigued by this statement. Is it possible this little blog is gaining a voice in this city? Do I know longer need to pay my friends to keep reading? Who else is reading this thing? Ellen? Oprah? Kelly Ripa?

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Dr. Jennifer Porter-Smith

Dr. J and I met at the downtown Marriot for this interview, just a few buildings down the street from Nap Ford. After the interview, on our walk back to the school, a former student’s dad started waving at us ferociously.

“Hey! How you doin’?” Dr. J asked. She walked over and gave the man a hug.

“I’m good. I’m good. You’re never gonna believe how my son is doing. He scored a 1410 on the SAT as a seventh grader. The UCF student average is 1328. Can you believe that? That boy is so smart!” the man said, beaming.

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