This page is dedicated to those who live in my hometown Orlando, Florida.
It's a wonderful place, with wonderful people. Just take a read for yourself.

Doug Rhodehamel

On my way from the parking lot to the office one day—one of the many cubicles found on the second floor of the Winter Park Village shopping center—I spotted a patch of large mushrooms emerging from the grass. As I got closer and examined further, I discovered they weren’t live mushrooms at all, but instead someone had…

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Caitlin Barry Van Vooris

Each night as a twenty-something, I couldn’t wait to hit all the bars that lined Orange Avenue, Wall Street and Central. Me and my pals would start at The Globe for Happy Hour, then make our way to Waitiki and One Eye’d Jack’s until the block party started, and then as the people started shoveling themselves in, we’d head out and over to Casey’s, The Echo Chamber, Room 3-9 and The Lodge. Then, since we were so close …

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Dr. Geek

It was in front of Starbuck’s in Thorton Park that I first met Geek. He was sitting on an outdoor metal chairs next to a large speaker blaring bears, rapping, resting, and holding down the street corner. He asked for my name. I was reluctant to give it to him because what rhymes with Jana is banana.

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Scott Byerly

Not all interviews go as planned.

I wanted Scott’s interview to be perfect, which is silly because I know perfect doesn’t exist. Still, I wanted it—perfection. I wanted people to read this interview and think, “Wow, Jana. Good job.” More important, I wanted Scott to be proud of it…

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Finola Hughes

“I know its kind of last minute, but would you be interested in interviewing Finola Hughes?” asked the editor of Playground magazine. “She’s a soap star, among other things, and I’m not sure how we can fit the interview into our editorial plan yet, but it’s an opportunity,” she continued.

She was right. It turned out to be quite the opportunity. The very next day I was sitting with Finola in the Saks VIP room at Florida Mall.

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Buddy Dyer

Most recently, I’ve gotten into the habit of coming up with the questions fifteen minutes before an interview. Part of me likes this because I feel the exchange is organic and off the cuff. The other part wishes for more time to prepare and becomes anxious that I didn’t. In the case of interviewing the mayor, I felt the latter.

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Jaqueline Siegel

It seems people either love or hate Jacqueline Siegel. Depending on who’s talking (or better yet, who’s written the latest comment on The Orlando Sentinel blog), she is either a hard-working philanthropist that gives back to the community or a filthy rich mother that has too many nannies. If you’re asking me, she is the woman …

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Reverend Ben Cox

Have you ever looked around your workplace or classroom and thought, “Who are these people? And how do I fit in here?” One of the finest things to come from my Rollins College experience is exactly this: I was forced to surround myself with people I may not have associated with normally. That’s how I met the infamous Reverend Ben Cox—we have sat next to each other in class for the past four years.

In May, Ben and I will both graduate from Rollins with a Masters Degree in Liberal Studies. Other than this commonality, we might as well be from different planets.

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Ashley Howard

I don’t know many people who do not appreciate the arts. Music, theatre, dancing, architecture and design, writings, fashion, food, art shows—we can’t escape it. Creativity is everywhere. It’s in our cars; it’s on billboards; it’s on TV; it’s what we wear; it’s what we think about; it’s what we look forward to; it’s a way of living; it’s what we do when we can’t afford to do anything else; it’s a welcomed vacation from our everyday lives. Without art our lives would be dull, boring, uninspiring, without sound and color—truth be told, I can’t imagine it. So every time I hear another legislature group moving to cut the arts budgets, I cringe.

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Cam Road Films

It’s true—some of my best ideas have come about while I’m at the bar. I’m not ashamed to say it. It’s just that, unfortunately, most of these epiphanies have never made it to see the next day, except for this one time.

About six months ago, in the dirty, smoke-covered booths of Burton’s in Thorton Park, there was a meeting of the minds. In attendance was, yours truly, college student, free-lance writer and Page 15 volunteer, helping mostly with the downtown literacy arts center’s summer camp, and also Michelle Cameron and Chris Stephenson who were on the break of starting a film company, only they had no projects, no name and therefore no existence yet. Over a few draft beers, it slowly came to me that Page 15 needed a promotional video to gain sponsorships and also that Michelle and Chris needed a good-hearted project to film. It only seemed natural that I connect the two organizations; and so I did. And pretty much, that night, as a bunch of ideas scribbled on dirty napkins, the concept of Cam Road Films was born.

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