(Tuesday, February 16th, 2010)

Doug’s Spore Project


-- Download Doug's Spore Project as PDF --

It’s a shroom party.

During the month of May, 2010, Doug is asking that everyone take the time to make, plant and take pictures of their very own paper bag mushroom farm. His goal is to create the largest art installation in the world, and also to create awareness that art is everywhere. “I want to to create an experience for people, something they can tell their friends about and remember for years to come,” said the forty-one-year-old Orlando artist. “Art is essential: It promotes intelligence and creativity, and it’s a great expressive outlet that inspires people toward new perspectives on life, which we all need and need frequently.”

Making mushrooms is easy. All you need is a handful of brown, paper lunch bags, bamboo skewers, small rubber bands, glue sticks and a hot glue gun. Once you have all the materials, follow these steps. Then find a unique place to plant your artwork, take photos and send them to dougrhodehamel@yahoo.com. In the email, include your name or group’s name, the place (including the country, city and state) and how many mushrooms you made. Check Doug’s blog at the end of May to see who’s participated.

I’ll do it if you do it. Stay tuned for pictures.

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