(Wednesday, June 15th, 2011)

Red Bull practically gave me wings.


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It’s true what they say you know, as one door closes another one opens. As I was saying good bye to Burrow Press and Urban ReThink two weeks ago, an old friend from Red Bull emailed me. She wanted to meet up and learn about the new projects I was working on and then also share one of her own, The Red Bulletin, Red Bull’s newest entity, a magazine dedicated to culture, magazine nerds like myself and also the sports and athletes the energy drink encompasses.

I’m no magazine expert but I do have opinions. Sometimes people want them. Most of the time people don’t. Regardless, I like to offer my ideas and suggestions to anyone who will listen. It’s just what I do.

In the case of The Red Bulletin, Pamela wanted my honest opinion. So I broke it down page by page, put into a Word document and then shipped it to her via cyber space. And that’s when something very strange happened. With the submission of my magazine critique came a reply I wasn’t expecting–an invitation to The Red Bulletin launch party in Miami and also a one night stay at the Delano Hotel, one of the more luxurious hotels on South Beach. All courtesy of Red Bull. Seriously.

So next week Cory and I are headed to “Party in the city where the heat is on. All night on the beach until the break of dawn” or something like what Will Smith once sang about. What should we expect at the party? I’m not sure. How’s the magazine? Solid, but could certainly use some work in the front and back. As for the free interactive Red Bull app for iPad, it’s insane. You should download and play with it now if not sooner, and that’s coming from an old-fashioned person who feels most comfortable touching and turning pages.

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