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99 Problems — — #3 Los Angeles Sidewalks Are Cracked Out

The sidewalks of Los Angeles are brutal, and not just for someone who is a wheelchair user. Joggers, skateboarders, bike riders, the elderly, those who push shopping carts up and down the streets—-I think everyone would agree the side walks of Los Angeles need some TLC…

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99 Problems — #2 My Kitty Has Super Powers

So there I was minding my own business, taking a break from the daily blogging grind to focus my attention on the newest 1000-piece jig saw puzzle to grace our dining room table, a cartoonish version of the Las Vegas strip, when I noticed Zola…

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Living In The Future

Since moving across country I’ve noticed some trends happening in California that I have never seen before, which comes as no surprise. While living in Orlando I had always heard about new west coast trends. I just caught wind of them late, like 3-5 years too late…

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10 Things To Know About Downtown LA

Today marks the one-month anniversary of my love affair with Los Angeles. Just thirty-five days ago I was sitting in Orlando bored out of my skull, waiting for this new great adventure to begin…

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