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Craig Moore

Craig Moore is a physical therapist at Florida Hospital Rehab center. Nearly eight years ago, our paths crossed when he was assigned to me as my rehab therapist. During one particular session, I remember conjuring up a proposal that a trip to Popeye’s for some fried chicken was probably the best therapy because (1) I was hungry and how could he expect me to function with such hunger pangs? And (2), we could test my ‘Real Life Skills,’ after all, I’d be crossing the road, exchanging currency and assessing the wheelchair-friendliness of a restaurant. Immediately Craig laughed, then he paused for a long time. He asked me if I was serious and then paused one more time before finally caving-in to my idea. He was used to methodically teaching from text books, while I was convinced those text books were not written for me. You can imagine our daily trials and tribulations but I think that’s what kept therapy interesting.

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