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It’s Not Just A Ring

Unlike most women (or any woman I know), my fiancĂ© proposed to me with a toy ring. We were sitting in Brooklyn Bridge Park after just having hiked across the infamous Brooklyn Bridge, when he turned to me and asked me to marry him. The proposal came as a surprise for two reasons. The first […]

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What am I… chopped liver?

My fiancĂ© Cory is the most loved man in downtown Los Angeles and it’s not just by me. He’s congratulated by bums, strangers and other random people any time we are walking down the sidewalk together hand in hand. “You are so sweet,” one middle-aged man…

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The Pressures of Wedding Planning

Unlike most women, I never dreamed of planning a traditional wedding day. I dreamed of a quick trip to Las Vegas or the Justice of Peace. My wedding day, or at least the allusion I had created in my mind, would require little fuss and a lot of love. It’d be my secret to keep until…

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