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I first saw Swam perform on stage with SoLilliquists of Sound before I ever officially met him in person. I was blown away by his performance for three reasons. 1. I didn’t know any sort of Hip Hop scene existed in Orlando and that me and my friends were capable of stumbling upon it. 2. I had never seen a show with so much energy. Not the jumping around, throwing equipment, we’re crazy kind of energy; but a thoughtful, listen to our message, we care about the world moxie. And finally 3. I wondered how Swam could pack so many eloquent words into one rhyming session without (a) stopping to take a breath and (b) mumbling. I could hear every pronunciation of each carefully chosen word, which seems nearly impossible to me considering I can’t help but run all my words together when in normal conversation, nevertheless when I’m excited and attempting to proclaim a message.

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