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Little Joe

“Hey! Do you want to come over on Wednesday,” asked my friend Shelby. She is my neighbor that lives on the 9th floor; I live on the 10th. “I am making lasagna and Jozlin is getting his tattoo worked on.”
“Um, yeah! Do you think the tattooer will want to tattoo me? And then, let me interview him at the same time?”
“I can ask.”
“That’d be sweet. I was going to go do that this week.”
“Do what? Get tattooed?”
“Yeah. And if I don’t have to leave the building to do it, even better.”
“I don’t see why he couldn’t. I’ll call you.”

Before Shelby had stopped me at the pool over the weekend, I was narrowing down tattoo shops to visit. I felt I needed more ink, but mostly I wanted to interview a tattooer while he tattooed me. Thanks to her, I no longer have to leave my building for this to happen. She’s having a tattooer come over to her house, just a present for her boyfriend that I’m totally going to invade on.

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