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What am I… chopped liver?

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My fiancé Cory is the most loved man in downtown Los Angeles and it’s not just by me. He’s congratulated by bums, strangers and other random people any time we are walking down the sidewalk together hand in hand. “You’re so sweet,” one middle-aged man told him today while walking to lunch. Then, ten seconds later and just when I was explaining Cory’s new found fame to him, a woman yelled out the open window of her car, “Awe… that’s nice.”

And this kind of thing happens nearly every day!

Once we traveled to Hollywood and were just steps away from the Metro station elevator before a tall African-American man made a point to gain Cory’s attention.  “Yo! Hey!” he yelled to him, pushing his way through some tourists. I assumed Cory didn’t hear the guy because he didn’t make any kind of reaction. So I pulled down on his hand and said, “I think that guy wants to tell you something.” Cory slowly turned around to acknowledge the stranger. “I like your style,” he announced, smiling ear to ear.  “Thanks!” Cory yelled back, waving his free hand proudly and like he was a celebrity.

Other comments overheard while with my man include:

“Now that’s a real man.”

“That girl is lucky.”

“That be true love.”

“What a nice guy.”

And the list continues. My favorite interaction with strangers is the woman that tilts her head sideways and sighs upon realizing Cory and I are a couple. You know the look ladies, the one that says, “Huh? How did that happen?” or “If she can get a man, so can I.” In response to those unwanted opinions, I like to make my own facial expressions. Ones that say either, “No, you can’t have him” or “He’s mine.”

In all honesty, I really enjoy Cory’s red carpet treatment by strangers because it’s the respect he deserves for putting up with my high maintenance needs. I also get it. People are surprised that wheelchair people can find love (outside of their own kind).  Still, sometimes I want to reply, “What the heck! What am I? Chopped liver? He is lucky to have me people.” But who I am kidding? I’m just lucky and thankful to be in love.

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  1. naomi says:

    we are ALL lucky to know you and love you Jana!

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