This page is dedicated to those who live in my hometown Orlando, Florida.
It's a wonderful place, with wonderful people. Just take a read for yourself.

The Reader

In the mornings, Rick sits on the Lake Eola Park bench closest to the small bridge with the extremely cumbersome arch. In the afternoons, you can find him nestled under the 408 at the beginnings of Magnolia. Sometimes he has head phones on. Always he is reading. At least two times a week for the […]

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Master Legend

I first contacted Master Legend a couple of months ago after watching the HBO documentary Superheroes. The only person who had mentioned Orlando’s superhero before then was my friend Matt. He had read an article in Rolling Stone about him and insisted I track him down for an interview…

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Tony Adams

My first food truck experience was very memorable because it didn’t quite happen exactly. My boyfriend and I were out-numbered by a thousand other food-lovers who also showed up to the first Food Truck Bizarre. We had invited a couple friends to go with us and sold them on it being a quiet night […]

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Mark Baratelli

Even with the support of great organizations like United Arts who gave away $33,579 in grants to individual artists last year, there is not enough money flowing into our local arts community. There is also little appreciation or recognition for those who risk their financial security for passions that include creating art or curating cultural […]

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John & Melissa Felcman

About two years ago, I started seeing the Mother Falcon logo surface on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. I had no idea what kind of business it was at first. Based on how quickly MF posts became liked or re-tweeted among some of my friends, I assumed it was a new bar or […]

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Donna Dowless

Ever since a close friend of mine told me Donna was once the VP of Ticketmaster, I’ve wanted to know her story. I was intrigued by the fact she never brought this tidbit of news up in any of our conversations over the past few years. Not one “You’ll never believe this onetime at Ticketmaster” […]

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Hollis Wilder

My first trip to Sweet! was indeed just that, a birthday surprise from my boyfriend. “Let’s get in the car and drive. I have a surprise for you,” he had said. Like any female–girl, teenager or woman–that hears the combination of words birthday and surprise, I was giggly and gooey with excitement. And then we […]

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Andrew Spear

“How do you feel about having a mural on this wall?” asked my boyfriend. He was pointing to the wall in our living room in between the kitchen and guest bathroom hallway.

“I think that’d be cool,” I answered. I hadn’t given much thought to owning a mural before.

“How would you feel about having an Andrew Spear mural on this wall?” He obviously had been thinking about it for sometime now.

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Jordan Woods-Robinson

How did I get the opportunity to interview a Blue Man? I asked.

My friend Brook introduced me to her friend named Tisse, who introduced me to her friend named Beth, who had questions about publishing and also happened to work behind the scenes of the Blue Man show. “Think a Blue Man would want to do an interview with me?” I asked. It was a question …

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Adonal Foyle

Adonal Foyle is my neighbor. I’ve never talked to him about basketball before, even though I’m a die-hard Magic fan. Instead, we’ve had brief conversations about writing and literature and his non-profit back in the Caribbean, the Kerosene Lamp Foundation. This, of course, was back when I was finishing up my book and he was writing his thesis. We’d run into each other at the same WiFi spots and eating places in Thornton Park.

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