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John & Melissa Felcman

About two years ago, I started seeing the Mother Falcon logo surface on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. I had no idea what kind of business it was at first. Based on how quickly MF posts became liked or re-tweeted among some of my friends, I assumed it was a new bar or […]

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Donna Dowless

Ever since a close friend of mine told me Donna was once the VP of Ticketmaster, I’ve wanted to know her story. I was intrigued by the fact she never brought this tidbit of news up in any of our conversations over the past few years. Not one “You’ll never believe this onetime at Ticketmaster” […]

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Andrew Spear

“How do you feel about having a mural on this wall?” asked my boyfriend. He was pointing to the wall in our living room in between the kitchen and guest bathroom hallway.

“I think that’d be cool,” I answered. I hadn’t given much thought to owning a mural before.

“How would you feel about having an Andrew Spear mural on this wall?” He obviously had been thinking about it for sometime now.

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Jordan Woods-Robinson

How did I get the opportunity to interview a Blue Man? I asked.

My friend Brook introduced me to her friend named Tisse, who introduced me to her friend named Beth, who had questions about publishing and also happened to work behind the scenes of the Blue Man show. “Think a Blue Man would want to do an interview with me?” I asked. It was a question …

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Patrick Kahn

It’s no secret. Hosting an art event in this city can be difficult. Time and time again, I’ve watched a lot of great people, put on a great event, only to have a minimal, albeit very supportive, audience show up. It’s unfortunate. I don’t know any other city that struggles with this issue as severely […]

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I first met Skip four years ago, right around the same time I fired up this blog. I wanted something tangible to remind myself of my new commitment to creativity. So I was on a mission to find something cheap to slap my logo on. Buttons, you know, the little round pins that served as trophies from intoxicated nights downtown, were the trend at the time, at least they were something I had started collecting without much effort…

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Ansley Fletcher Schrimsher

A soon as I entered, Sultre, a boutique in Winter Park that hosted one of Dora Mae’s trunk shows, I spotted a necklace piece that I needed. This rarely happens to me in regards to jewelry. What I tend to need is digital watches and over-priced sunglasses. I’m not like most women—I don’t wear much jewelry.

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Lisa Pirillo

“You should come into the salon one day and just listen to my clients talk,” Lisa says to me. “You wouldn’t believe the stories you’d hear.” She’s cutting my hair. “I bet,” I reply. “No really. We could just sit you in the corner with your recorder, and you’d be able to write a book […]

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DJ Kittybat

I don’t know if I was ever formally introduced to Mikey. We just happened to be at the same places, at the same time, enough times, that we became aware of each other. Then one day we were no longer strangers, but hugging friends, and all this happened without any real conversation, just the informal talk that …

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Lisa Joy

I usually prepare for interviews. Granted it’s not very much work because the people I interview generally aren’t people that are interviewed. Or in other words, they’re not celebrities that have much content on the web but more of what Arrested Development sang about in the nineties. They’re your “everyday people.” Still, I’ll Google a […]

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