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Rick Piper

I was on my way to the infamous Coconuts, located just outside Orlando at Cocoa Beach, when I first stumbled upon Rick Piper. Among a few other artists, he was sitting on the side of the street selling original art. His work, in particular, caught my eye and caused me to immediately pull over. I needed to see the paintings up close and personal. There were two pieces that immediately drew my attention, both were his. One was of a beach scene that had a Buddha type character carved into a rock. The other one was a much darker piece of a lonely mermaid that was chained to the floor of sometime type of cell, depicted mostly in shades of blue and grey.
I purchased “The Call” that day, my first piece of original art named after the waves that appeared to be calling out from the Buddha’s stone-cold mouth. Although, the mermaid still haunts me to this day. I often wonder if I made the right decision, considering it’s been six years and I still debate it. The choice to endanger those in the vehicle with me when I nearly wrecked the van pulling over that day, however, appears to have been the right choice (Sorry Casey!). Because I now have six pieces of Rick’s work living in my house. The latest one I acquired, I feel most certainly was meant to be mine, even though I missed the opportunity to buy it during its first release.
For five years, I have continually asked about this particular painting titled “Earth Moved.” I had no money at the time Rick was selling it, and so it slipped away. Since then, I’ve asked Rick things like, “Do you think it is inappropriate to approach the new owner and ask if it’s for sale now?” Rick usually laughs at my ridiculous attempts to claim what I tend to think is mine. One day, he gave me a print of it—I imagine out of sympathy.
Then, last week, due to unforeseen circumstances, the painting suddenly became available again. When news of this popped up on my e-mail, along with a picture of the piece, I nearly fell over. I called and e-mailed Rick simultaneously, hoping he had saved it for me. And he did, “Earth Moved” is now mine. It’s something that I—never in a million years—imagined happening. Because when you miss out on good art, you never get the opportunity to get it back. Unless you are me, then things usually have a strange way of working themselves out.

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