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Day 1 – In the Moment (Part 1)

I was paralyzed in between a mini-trampoline and a basketball hoop, the result of a stunt gone terribly wrong. Instead of catching and dunking a basketball, like many NBA mascots do at basketball halftime shows, I missed a pass from my teammate and consequently…

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Tony Adams

My first food truck experience was very memorable because it didn’t quite happen exactly. My boyfriend and I were out-numbered by a thousand other food-lovers who also showed up to the first TheDailyCity.com Food Truck Bizarre. We had invited a couple friends to go with us and sold them on it being a quiet night […]

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Mark Baratelli

Even with the support of great organizations like United Arts who gave away $33,579 in grants to individual artists last year, there is not enough money flowing into our local arts community. There is also little appreciation or recognition for those who risk their financial security for passions that include creating art or curating cultural […]

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Jordan Woods-Robinson

How did I get the opportunity to interview a Blue Man? I asked.

My friend Brook introduced me to her friend named Tisse, who introduced me to her friend named Beth, who had questions about publishing and also happened to work behind the scenes of the Blue Man show. “Think a Blue Man would want to do an interview with me?” I asked. It was a question …

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Ansley Fletcher Schrimsher

A soon as I entered, Sultre, a boutique in Winter Park that hosted one of Dora Mae’s trunk shows, I spotted a necklace piece that I needed. This rarely happens to me in regards to jewelry. What I tend to need is digital watches and over-priced sunglasses. I’m not like most women—I don’t wear much jewelry.

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Dan Kirby

“How did you hear about me?” I asked. He didn’t remember exactly. This interview was unique in that Dan sought me out for the opportunity.

“I think that I was googling creative projects in Orlando,” he answered, hesitantly. “But I’m not sure.”

I was intrigued by this statement. Is it possible this little blog is gaining a voice in this city? Do I know longer need to pay my friends to keep reading? Who else is reading this thing? Ellen? Oprah? Kelly Ripa?

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Dr. Geek

It was in front of Starbuck’s in Thorton Park that I first met Geek. He was sitting on an outdoor metal chairs next to a large speaker blaring bears, rapping, resting, and holding down the street corner. He asked for my name. I was reluctant to give it to him because what rhymes with Jana is banana.

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I had been scouting Lake Eola for days when I encountered Robin. The 41-year-old was sitting on a park bench next to her boyfriend, who appeared to be asleep with headphones on and one shoe off. She was surrounded by some belongings and seemingly busy reading Reader’s Digest. It was enough to convince me that she may be the homeless person that I was looking for.

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