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Brook Pifer

Interviewing strangers is a lot like going out on blind dates, except worse. Not only do you not know what to expect but you have to ask all the questions. Then, even if it doesn’t work out you still are forced to create something out of it for others to enjoy. Nothing good has ever come of any blind date that I’ve been on and so it surprises me that good things come from these types of interviews.

Enter Brook Pifer. Before the interview, I had never talked to her besides a quick call to say that I was on my way to her studio. I found out about Brook from my friend Carlos. He had e-mailed me a week earlier with a web-site link and a brief note that said, “Interview this girl, you’ll love her!”

From her site, I learned that she shoots musicians for a living [with a camera, not a gun] and that most recently, she shot Sean Kingston for the cover of JAMROCK Magazine. She has also worked with Hip-Hop artist Akon by his request. How does one do this from Orlando? I was intrigued. So I blindly asked her for an interview and graciously, she accepted.

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